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2021-07-22 - 9:03 p.m.

#There's a time that past and now it's now.:

I've moved on to something else (a new career) and I left the other behind me. With every change there's so much that stays the same.

I suppose I was born soft but all I remember it that I grew sharp. I remember growing sharp but don't remember ever being soft. I suppose then that the last decade has been a return to softness. I had, however, built so many ways of protecting and deflecting that I've lost with this new job. New tasks, new relationships, unexpected expectations and I need new protections if I'm to stay soft. It's taken a lot of energy from me to perform without protections. So much so that its inspired me to find ways to return to sharpness. I want to cut through and cut away when things drag me down. If only I were to make just one swift slice and then I float while the rope falls. It's about being careful this time, trying not to cut more than just the rope. You know, leave the hand that holds it, as it were.

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